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The company is located in the beautiful huacheng panyu district of guangzhou, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation. Company specialized in industrial automation control and drive equipment research and development,production, sales, since its inception, with the professional quality products and service, and strong research anddevelopment, production capacity, high speed development, the performance has risen steadily, grow up to be the industry's leading supplier of pipe processing equipment.Especially in refrigeration, automobile, furniture fittings processing equipment has accumulated rich experience in technology, successfully developed dozens of pipe processing equipment, and awarded the national patent certificate.The main products include automatic pipe end molding machine (flaring, reducing and loop) machine, CNC cutting (cutting) machine (drilling), CNC punching machine, CNC pipe sealing machine, automatic chamfering machine, automatic deburring machine, automatic stop machine, automatic packing machine, automatic knurling machine, pipe bending machine, spinning machine, pressure testing machine, chamfering machine

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